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Looking Back and Moving Forward
Jason Stokes - President(2/2/2018)

2017 was a very busy year for ASPTEA and our members. I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for your membership and support last year. It’s easy to lose track of accomplishments as time goes by so I wanted to mention a few. In the last year we have become fixed presenters at the Water Services Supervisor School, conducted presentations and attended numerous supervisor retreats and department New Employee Orientations, including Aviation, WSD, Housing, Parks, Police, Fire, Finance and Planning. We successfully obtained position upgrades, recovered back wages, corrected service purchase errors and won unemployment insurance claims.

We were successful in making changes to FMLA that ensure that employees facing tragic family situations have access to all the leave they have accrued so they are not faced with heart-wrenching decisions between family and finances.

We sat on the panel for the selection of a new Human Resources Director, maintained a voting presence on the DCP Board, Health Care Task Force and the Retirement Board.

We worked with EOD, City Management and members of the community to open a discussion on a refresh of Civil Treatment. We worked to revise the NOI form, civilianize positions in the Police Department and developed an Administrative Regulation to standardize attendance expectations for employees and supervisors alike.  

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