How to become a member

ASPTEA has crossed over into the electronic age! We now can provide Unit 7 employees a downloadable application which has to be mailed or dropped off at the ASPTEA office(111 W. Monroe Rd Suite 1200 Phoenix,  AZ 85003). Critical information to be included on the application: 

a.      Name

b.      Last four numbers of Social Security

c.      Employee Id.

d.      Mark “Start Box”

e.      Signature

f.       Email address: Personal is preferred, but work email is acceptable.

g.      Mark monthly fee of $20

h.      Sponsor: if any member has encouraged a employee to join please list their name .

i.       Warranty date is not needed.

As we continue to improve our technology we are working towards automating our online application. If there are any questions please contact the ASPTEA office at 602-254-8474, Welcome to ASPTEA!

Membership Application click here...

ASPTEA Fair Representation Policy


What is the ASPTEA Edge? Being a  member of ASPTEA will provide you with a myriad of resources.
As a member have access to current information that will be helpful to you throughout your career at the city of Phoenix, as well as special
services and networking opportunities.  Take a look at what your membership provides…..



  • Board leadership providing a voice in wage and benefit negotiations
  • Representation in all employee matters
  • Membership Meetings
  • Access to ASPTEA Insights, our Webpage Members Only Section which includes information on current issues including:
      • Retirement
      • Career Advice
      • Employee Rights
      • PMG’s
      • NOI’s and other discipline issues
      • Grievances 
      • Premium Pay
      • Member Blog

Additional Member Benefits Include:

Employment Insurance - Your Career and your Reputation are your most valuable assets – Unforeseen things happen to good employees
and ASPTEA protects professional City employees who encounter career threatening situations.  We serve as your Career Insurance
Policy and we’re here to help you with issues such as:

  • Retroactive Travel Policy Changes
  • Alternative work schedules
  • Re-engineering
  • Budget Reductions resulting in Layoffs 
  • Challenging Work Environments 

Special Services 

  •  Legal Services with Napier Law Firm Included with Membership
    • Free Will Preparation and legal consultation
    • Reduced Attorney Fees for non employment issues
    • Attorney on retainer to protect your career if necessary
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Policy
  • Educational Scholarships for member's children
  • Verizon Cell Phone Discount

Employment and Networking Opportunities

  • Conferences/workshops/ seminars
  • Brown bag Presentations
  • Social Events
  • Recruitment Incentives